Peking Tung Jen Tang Chinese Medical Hall (Singapore)

Established in 1996, Peking Tung Jen Tang Chinese Medical Hall (Singapore) is the sole distributor of leading brands of health and stew pots in Singapore. Renowned for their “12 Symbolic Animals” Fully Automatic Pottery Health Pot and Micro-computer Electric Stewing Pot, their products are highly established in the market and reputed for their superior quality and trusted performance.

With 20 years of history and innovation, the company is constantly seeking newer and better ways of improving health and preserving life through research and developing even more efficient methods of medicinal preparations. The latest innovation– the double-handled Fully Automatic Pottery Health Pot is a patented design, registered in China, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. It is the only one in the market that offers a more practical, convenient and much safer customized design to meet the evolving needs of our discerning clients.

There are more than 10,000 households in Singapore using these health pots. Peking Tung Jen Tang Chinese Medical Hall (Singapore) is synonymous with high quality and dedicated service, with a lot of thought invested in each and every one of our product designs. As part of service quality, a one year guarantee* entitles customers to free servicing or replacement of any damaged or defected parts. Customers can simply return the defected pot or component to the retail outlet they purchased it from and collect it from the same location once it has been serviced.

Look for the trademark logo of “12 Symbolic Animals” that represents first-rate quality, unparalleled by other similar brands and designs. This is a perfect combination of the a thousand years of Chinese medicinal history and modern day research and development to let you enjoy optimum health and longevity.

*This one year guarantee applies solely to the Singapore market. Any changes in the terms and conditions of the guarantee are subject to the sole discretion of the Management.

Goodwood Point (Singapore) Furniture

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