• Fully Automatic Pottery Health Pot CK-32C


    Product Features

    Enjoy numerous advantages of using our custom automated health pots, unmatched by traditional claypots

    • Convenience of using an electric and fully automated decoction of medicinal herbs and preparation of herbal teas
    • Patented double-handled design for increased convenience and safety
    • Automatic water measurement to decoct the number of bowls or exact amount required
    • Automatic heat control so you do not have to keep watching the fire and adjusting as with iron or claypots
    • Automatic heat preservation i.e. “keep warm” mode
    • Prevents spilling from overboil
    • Safety-level water marking
    • Large capacity, multi-function
    • Dual Power Selection
    • Slow-fire decocting
    • Automatic “Ready-to-Serve” light indication
    • 2-in-1, comes with a mini stew pot so you can also have the option of double-boiling
    • Elegant modelling
    Clear selection

    Product Description

    Preserve your health with our patented double-handled ceramic pot that takes away the hassles of using traditional open fire claypots. Comes with unique user features and its quality is superior to most similar copies in the market.

    This unique ceramic health pot is able to preserve the true taste and essence of your food. Unlike iron or titanium pots, ceramic allows heat to be easily transmitted and heating is also more stable and evenly distributed. It is the ideal core substance for preparing herbal decoctions of good quality.

    It also comes with many easy-to-use features, some of which include the “Dual Power Selection” that lets you choose from a high or low fire and even an “Automatic Heat Preservation” that reheats your concoction and keeps it warm once it turns cold so you can drink it at your convenience.

    The double-handled Fully Automatic Pottery Health Pot is a patented design making traditional medicine preparation much more convenient and safer. Our pots are the only ones with double handles – always look for our trademark logo, the “12 Symbolic Animals” that represents a genuine Peking Tung Jen Tang Chinese Medical Hall (Singapore) product, superior to many fake copies in the market.

    Aside from preparing medicinal herbs, beverages and desserts, our health pots can also be used for boiling water, double-boiling and limitless healthy herbal recipes.

    See below for the multiple uses of the healthpot, for the whole family from young to old.

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    Usage Instructions

    Each health pot comes with a user manual that teaches you the best way to use your pot to prepare the most nutritious decocts for you and your family. Please read the instructions carefully before using. Always ensure that the pot is thoroughly rinsed clean before and after use to prevent residue from altering the therapeutic effectiveness of the new decoct. Our health pots are designed for easy usage:

    1. Wash your medicinal herbs, clean them and add not less than 4 ½ bowls of water (approx. 1000ml).
    2. Ensure that there is about 5ml of water that covers the heating element and you can start your automatic decoct.
    3. Decoction time can take 1 hour for short decocts (on high setting) and go up to 4 hours (on low setting), depending on your recipe.
    4. Follow decocting instructions closely to prevent under or over-boiling as some recipes require specific cooking times. The effective ingredients of the herbal decocts will evaporate if overcooked.

    Product Specifications

    The Fully Automatic Pottery Health Pot CK-32C is available in two sizes:

    • 3.2 litres (max. 8 bowls of water)
    • 3.5 litres (max. 10 bowls of water)

    Both sizes come with a small stew pot 750ml (holds max. 3 bowls of water).

    Warranty and Customer Satisfaction


    As part of our service quality, an exclusive one year guarantee* entitles customers in Singapore to free servicing or replacement of any damaged or defected parts. Customers can simply return the defected component to the retail outlet they purchased it from and it will be collected for servicing and returned to your preferred location within a week.

    We also have a trained team of customer service staff that will conduct a complimentary usage demonstration right at the convenience of your own home. Our after-sales service staffs are friendly and dedicated, always at hand to offer assistance with any usage problems that you might be experiencing.

    Call our Customer Satisfaction Hotline at (+65) 9670 0016 from 9.30 to 8pm, Mondays to Fridays.

    Other Countries

    For customers overseas, email us at enquiries@chinesehealthpot.com if you have any queries or feedback with regards to your product or product usage.

    *This one year guarantee applies solely to the Singapore market. Any changes in the terms and conditions of the guarantee are subject to the sole discretion of the Management.