• Micro-Computer Electric Stewing Pot WT-38A

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    Product Features

    Enjoy numerous advantages of using our custom automated stew pots

    • Convenience of using an electric and fully automated
    • decocting of medicinal herbs
    • Automatic heat preservation i.e. “keep warm” mode
    • Prevents spilling from overboil
    • Designed to withstand intense heat and prevent cracking
    • Safety-level water marking
    • “Water level low” sound indication
    • Automatic “Ready-to-Serve” light indication
    • Dual usage – doubles up as a steamer for food
    • Elegant modeling

    Product Description

    Double-boiling is made safer and convenient with our electronic pots. Enjoy the easy-to-use features and prepare a wide variety of herbal recipes for you and your family.

    Available in different colours.

    Our stew pots are made of a special “Zi Sa” clay that preserves the original taste of food and ingredients so your soup or medicinal concoction is fragrant and full of goodness. It is of the similar quality material used in “Yi Xing” tea brewing supplies.

    Enjoy the health benefits of herbal recipes that help to preserve your health and prolong your life expectancy.

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    Usage Instructions

    Each stew pot comes with a user manual teaches you the best way to use your pot to prepare the most nutritious decocts for you and your family. Please read the instructions carefully before using.

    1. Place all the ingredients into the pot after washing.
    2. Fill up the inner ceramic pot with water, ensuring it is covered and place it within the bigger pot. The water level within the ceramic pot should not exceed 2/3 of its body height.
    3. Pour water into the outer transparent pot, ensuring that the water is filled to the stipulated marking on the side.
    4. Select the duration depending on your recipe desired.
    5. Wait for the ready indication and the soup is ready to be served.

    Product Specifications

    The Micro-computer Electric Stewing Pot WT-38A is available in two sizes:

    • 1.6 litres pot (holds max. 4 bowls of water. Each bowl 250ml)
    • 3.2 litres pot (holds max. 8 bowls of water)

    Both sizes come with an aluminum steaming rack for preparing food.


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